We’re Back!

Hey Doll Lovers!

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Thanks for checking in on my blog, after a lack of posts this summer! I go to an amazing summer camp, and I’m unable to post while there. It was definitely worth going, even though I couldn’t put a smile on all your faces for a few weeks.

Here are some awesome posts you can expect from Doll the Time soon:

  • A Doll Adventure where Aiden is a trouble maker (like usual)
  • A Behind the Scenes for the post mentioned above
  • An awesome doll hairstyle post
  • Another Doll Adventure, but starring Rosie
  • A post about what dolls I might consider getting!

I hope you all had an amazing summer, and are looking forward to my posts!

Here are some words from my dolls:


Aiden: I ate 47 popsicles this summer. I’m trying to set a record!


Staceygrace: My summer was full of relaxation. Mostly, I spent it trying to get a tan, but got sunburnt instead. 😦


Rosie: Not much happened this summer, to be honest. Looking forward to photo shoots again though!

Did you go to summer camp? Tell us in the comments below!

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