Doll Adventure: Lemonade

Here is the much anticipated doll adventure… the weather has not been ideal for taking photos, but I managed to take the ones that needed to be outdoors during a sunny day (although it was still cold). Some of them were taken inside, so the lighting is terrible!Once the snowy weather goes away you can expect more adventures and photo shoots from me. I hope you enjoy!

Congrats to Hope @ AG Doll Dreams on guessing that this adventure is about a lemonade stand! Go check out her awesome doll blog!



Staceygrace: Thank you for your order!
Staceygrace: What is that noise? I’ve been hearing it all day!
Staceygrace: Ah! That is it! I’m going to figure out what that noise is before I go crazy!


Staceygrace: What is that?


Staceygrace: What are you guys doing?


Aiden: Selling lemonade! It was my idea.
Staceygrace: But it’s so cold! You guys do realize that it’s February, right?


Rosie: Yeah, but we already had a customer!
Staceygrace: Who would buy lemonade in the middle of winter?
Aiden: Arfy did!


Staceygrace: Hey! That’s my money.
Rosie: But it’s for a good cause!
Staceygrace: What do you mean?


Aiden: We’re going to use the money to get new dresses at the mall!
Staceygrace: How is that a good cause?
Rosie: It’s good for us!


Staceygrace: When people say for a good cause, they usually mean good for the community. Like donating to a pet shelter!
Rosie: But the dresses are important!


Staceygrace: You have like a million dresses at home!
Aiden: I guess she’s right…


Rosie: What about the dresses?
Staceygrace: If you donate the lemonade money, I will give you a raise at the bakery.
Rosie: It’s a deal!


Aiden: But people aren’t going to buy the lemonade! It’s freezing out here.
Staceygrace: Well, you could sell hot cocoa.
Rosie: No way! Don’t you remember what happened last time I held a cup of cocoa?


Aiden: Yeah. You woke me up and made me bring you clothes!
Staceygrace: Well, what else is warm that you can make?


Rosie: Uh… Muffins?
Aiden: I am not making muffins. Remember last time? I burned them!



Rosie: This is so hard!
Aiden: I want to go inside. This is boring.
Rosie: Yeah.


Staceygrace: But what about those poor animals in the pet shelter?
Aiden: Why don’t you take over? We’ll be inside.
Rosie: Bye!


Staceygrace: Hey! Why do I have to sell your lemonade?


Staceygrace: Maybe I don’t have to…

The next day at Gracie’s Tastie’s…


Staceygrace: That will be five dollars, please.
Staceygrace: Would you like to donate to the pet shelter? All the tips go to the animals!


Customer: Sure!
Staceygrace: Thank you! Come again soon.


Staceygrace: This is great! We already have lots of money for the shelter!


Aiden: Hi Staceygrace!
Rosie: What’s this?


Staceygrace: It’s a new tip jar! All the money is for the animals.



Rosie: You made seven dollars already? That’s almost enough for the dress!
Staceygrace: Yes, but we don’t get to keep the money.


Aiden: Why can’t we use it for the dresses instead?


Staceygrace: Because all those people gave us the money for the animals.
Rosie: Aww…
Aiden: Well, I guess I can use my money to buy it instead.


Rosie: You have enough money?
Aiden: Yeah…
Rosie: Then why did we even have a lemonade stand in the first place? I nearly froze!



Staceygrace: Good question…


Aiden: *Gulp*

Have you ever raised money for charity? Tell us in the comments below!

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The Liebster Award

Hey Doll Lovers!

Today I am going to post about my nomination for the Liebster Award. Thank you so much to Rebekah @ Stuffie Adventures for nominating me! You should check out her amazing blog by following the linked text above!


Here are the rules:

Acknowledge the blog who nominated you and display the award.
Answer eleven questions that the blogger gives you.
List eleven random facts about yourself.
Nominate eleven other bloggers that you think are deserving of this award (with less than 200 followers).
Let the bloggers know you nominate them.
Give them eleven questions to answer.

Thank you again to Rebekah!

Here are her 11 questions, along with my answers. ( Answers are in italics)

Which of your dolls are you most like?

I have to say, the dolls are all much more fun than me, but I would say Rosie is a bit more like me than the rest.

What’s your favorite post you’ve ever done on your blog?

I really enjoyed the Mysterious Package, but the post coming soon is a close 2nd!

Which of your dolls is most likely to burn down the house?

After Aiden burned muffins in the oven, I would have to go with her.

What’s your favorite part of blogging?

I love being able to share my work with others, most of whom I don’t know off the screen. I feel like my posts can brighten up someone’s day, and I enjoy knowing that my day was well spent.

Which of your dolls is most photogenic?

I have to say, Rosie is probably the one who loves having her picture taken the most, and she certainly looks great in them!

What’s the most random thing you’ve ever said?

The most random thing I have ever said was a quote from one of my favorite books, Hour of the Bees, while my friends were talking about pizza.

On the scale of 1-10, how reliable are you?

I like to think that I am pretty reliable, but it can be hard to motivate myself  to work on the blog posts which I have promised people… So maybe a 7?

If you could eat anything tomorrow for breakfast, what would it be?

I love to eat leftover pizza for breakfast, which is strange, but I enjoy it.

What personality trait do you like most about yourself?

I love how good at giving advice I am.

What’s your favorite color combination?

I like green and gold together, but I also love light pink with light green.

Now for 11 random facts about myself:

  1. I love to go outside, but only during the warmer months
  2. My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate chip mint
  3. I listen to all kinds of music, but really enjoy 80’s as well as classical
  4. One of my favorite things is photography
  5. Combined with my love of writing, you get the amazing doll adventures here!
  6. I also write poetry, and I think that it’s not too bad
  7. I started this blog, because I wanted to have an AGSM Youtube channel, but I realized that this was more fun for me
  8. I love reading other blogs, especially doll blogs, but they are all great
  9. Another favorite hobby of mine is baking, so that may partially be why Staceygrace runs her own bakery
  10. I also love gardening, so I guess that Rosie is a stunning gardener
  11. My favorite color changes, but right now it’s yellow

Here are my nominees:

Bethany @ bcsdollplace

The Director @ The Director Online

Olivia @ day in the life

I ran out of people… so, if you are interested, feel free in being one if my nominees! Most of my go to bloggers have already been nominated for this award, so I had a bit of trouble finding enough.

Here are the 11 questions each nominee has to answer:

  1. Do you like snow or rain better?
  2. Do you have any pets? Do you want one?
  3. What is most important to you about your blog?
  4. How did your blog get it’s name?
  5. What is your favorite color?
  6. Would you rather eat ice cream or cake for dessert?
  7. What is your favorite post on your blog? (I really liked this question, thanks for asking me it Rebekah!)
  8. What do you use to take pictures on your blog?
  9. Do any of your family members or friends read your blog?
  10. How long does it take you to write a blog post on average?
  11. How many tags or awards have you gotten on your blog?

Thank you Rebekah! And to all the bloggers who will be doing this for me as one of my nominees!

What did you do for Valentine’s Day?

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Who Wore It Best?

Hey Doll Lovers!

I was hoping to post the adventure I’ve been planning today, but it has been very windy and snowy, so my dolls keep getting blown over! I will try to post the adventure before the end of the week.

So today, instead of the adventure, we have Doll the Time’s first Who Wore It Best!

Who Wore it Best Banner

I made this outfit a while ago and I’ve been wanting to take photos of my dolls in it for a while. I made everything except for the shoes, which are a part of an OG set.

First up we have Rosie modeling for us:

And here is Staceygrace!

Arfy insisted that I put him in the running too, so here is his photo:


Which doll (or dog) do you think wore the outfit the best? Tell us in the comments below!

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The Dolls are Back!

Hello everyone!

Well, I wanted to say that I will be posting again soon. I meant to publish a blog post to tell you all that I would be on vacation, so I wouldn’t be able to post. However, the scheduled posting feature decided not to work, and the post was never published.

I have been having some troubles with WordPress, but hopefully now on my new computer I will have better luck. Thank you for your patience everyone.

That post which I gave a sneak peek for is coming, and it is going to be another great photo story. Let me know if any of you other doll bloggers would like to do a collaboration or a series together. I am always looking for other doll lovers to create adventures with! 😀

Thanks again everyone.

Have you been having WordPress problems? Tell us in the comments below!

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New Blog Button Page! (And Sneak Peak!)

Hey Doll Lovers! I just posted my new blog button on my new Blog Button Page! You can click here to see it, or visit our About Page for the link. We are having trouble making the page appear t the top of the site, and will work on making the page easier to go to soon.

You can comment on the new page if you would like to swap buttons with me! Remember to leave a link to your site so I can find your button! (And so can all my followers!)

Check back soon for a new adventure! Here is the sneak peak:

(Free clip art from Google)

Any ideas of what the adventure is about? Tell us in the comments below!

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The Blue Sky Tag

 blue sky tag

I got my first blogging tag! Thank you Laura for tagging me! (And for letting me use your photo in this post!)

Here are the rules for the Blue Sky tag:

1. Thank the person who tagged you
2. Answer their 11 questions
3. Tag 11 people
4. Give them 11 questions to answer

(That’s a lot of 11’s!)

Here are the 11 questions that I was asked, along with my answers!

1. What was the best birthday you have ever had?

My best birthday was when I turned 6, from what I remember, the party was lots of fun!

2. How many siblings do you have? If you have any?

I have 2 siblings.

3. What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you? 

This is a hard one, but I have to say that jumping on my bed and then hitting the ceiling when I was little was pretty funny. (It wasn’t funny then, but looking back it definitely is!)

4. Do you have a pen pal? If you don’t, do you want one? 

I don’t have a pen pal, but I think having one would be fun!

5. Do you get scared in the dark?

It depends on how dark, but sometimes yes.

6.  What is your favorite outfit to wear?

A plain long sleeved shirt and jeans!

7. What is the coldest temperature it has ever been where you live?

According to Wikipedia, the coldest temperature was -28 degrees Fahrenheit! 

8. Have you ever played with slime? If so, do you like it?

I have played with (and made!) slime, and I liked playing with it.

9. What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?

I haven’t really done anything dangerous, but I have fallen out of a tree because I stepped on a small branch. I broke part of my foot! 

10. If you like to cook, then what is the worst cooking mistake you have ever made?

I do love to cook, and once I burned butter. (I know that doesn’t sound that bad, but it was to me!)

11. What was something you were obsessed with when you were little?

Dora the Explorer on Nickelodeon.

Here are the 11 people I am tagging:








AG Homeschooler



Kaitlyn (Kait)

Here are the 11 questions for them to answer!

1. How long have you had your blog?

2. What is your favorite thing about your blog?

3. Do you like your Orange Juice with pulp, or no pulp?

4. What are your favorite colors?

5. If you could live on your own island, would you?

6. What would you not eat, even for a million dollars?

7. What is your favorite kind of music?

8. If you could have any name, what would it be?

9. What is your favorite type of dessert?

10. Are you a cat or a dog person? (Or another pet?)

11. Who is one person you couldn’t live without?

Remember, you do not have to do the tag if you don’t want to! It is optional. I like tags because they are a great way for bloggers to know each other, and readers can discover awesome new blogs!

Do you want to get tagged next time? Tell us in the comments below! 

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Top 6 Favorite Things to do with Dolls

Hey Doll Lovers!

Today I am going to share with you my top 6 favorite things to do with my dolls. I hope you enjoy!


1. Making Doll Photo Shoots

I love setting up scenes and taking pictures of my dolls! (And then sharing the photos with you!) I love how I can make it look like the dolls are really alive and moving!


2. Making Miniatures for Dolls

I like turning ordinary things into doll items. It is really fun, and creativity is unlimited!


3. Having Tea Parties

I know it sounds a little odd, but I still think tea parties with the dolls are fun!

doll clothes clipart

4. Designing New Outfits

Whether I am putting tops and bottoms together for a cute outfit, or sewing an entirely new one, I love making new outfits!


5. Trying New Hairstyles

Just like Rosie, I think all doll’s should have perfect hair. Except for Aiden’ wacky hair in this photo!


6. Reading Other Doll Blogs

There are some really great doll blogs out there, and more are added to the internet every day! I love making others feel good about their blogs. (It’s hard work maintaining a blog!)

What are your favorite things to do with your dolls? Tell us in the comments below!

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Doll Adventure: The Haunted Halloween

Enjoy this spooky post for Halloween!

Aiden: Happy Halloween!
Rosie: Thanks, Aiden!


Staceygrace: Look what I found.
Aiden: Is it my other purple sock?
Staceygrace: No, it’s an invitation!
Rosie: To what?
Staceygrace: A Halloween Party!


Aiden: A Halloween Party? That sounds like fun!
Rosie: Where is the party?
Staceygrace: At the spooky house on Apple Lane.


Holly: No! Don’t go there!
Rosie: Holly! You can talk?
Holly: Not usually, but it must be Halloween magic!
Aiden: Why can’t we go to the party?


Holly: That place is haunted! You can’t go there on Halloween!
Rosie: How do you know?
Aiden: Holly?


Staceygrace: Her magic must have run out.
Rosie: I still want to go to the party. It sounds fun!
Aiden: But Holly said there were ghosts!
Staceygrace: C’mon Aiden. I think it would be fun.
Aiden: Okay…

A while later…


Staceygrace:  I guess we’re here.
Rosie: Aiden, go knock on the door!
Aiden: Why me?
Rosie: Because you knock the loudest.
Aiden: Okay.
Aiden: It’s really dark in here…
Staceygrace: It’s a spooky party! Did you think it would be bright?
Rosie: I don’t think anyone is here. Let’s go.


Staceygrace: What is that?!


Aiden: Run!


Rosie: That was sure spooky!


Aiden: That’s why I didn’t want to go.
Staceygrace: It was a little scary… I’ve never seen a chicken that big before!
Rosie: Are we even sure that was a chicken?
Aiden: No, and we’re not sure who sent that letter either!

Whose costume did you like the best? Tell us in the comments below!

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I Updated my Blog!

Hey Doll Lovers!

I know haven’t posted lately, but I have been working on a special Halloween post set to publish at noon (EST) tomorrow. It is going to be super adventurous, and a little spooky, so check back to see it soon!


I also updated my Meet the Dolls page, since the layout and the descriptions of each doll weren’t the best. You can see the updated page here.

I am working on a blog button, and will have a new page up with my button on it. I would love to switch buttons with you, so contact me if you want to switch! (Your blog doesn’t have to be about dolls if you want to swap with me!)

For those of you who don’t have a blog, you will be able to find new amazing blogs on the blog button page. If you can’t wait to discover a new blog, check out Bella’s awesome blog! She runs The Doll Habit, and has some amazing posts about her dolls! (Plus a working blog button page! :D)

Which is spookier: Frankenstein or Count Dracula? Tell us in the comments below!

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Doll Adventure: The Mysterious Package

Note: Thanks for waiting! This adventure took longer to finish then expected, but I think you’ll like it!

Aiden: Bye! I have to go or I’ll be late for my sleepover.
Staceygrace: Have a nice time! Don’t stay up all night.
Rosie: She isn’t going to listen you know.
Staceygrace: I know, but it was worth a try.
Aiden: Bye!

Staceygrace: So, what do you want to do while Aiden is causing trouble at somebody else’s house?
Rosie: I don’t know.
Staceygrace: I have cards! Lets play Crazy 8’s!
Rosie: *Grumbles* Okay…

Staceygrace: I don’t have a 6, or Spades!
Rosie: Sorry. I guess you’ll have to draw.
Staceygrace: Ha ha! I just remembered! I have – hey, where’s my 8?
Rosie: I think you dropped it.

Staceygrace: Oops.

Rosie: I would suspect you of cheating, but who would try to get rid of an 8?
Staceygrace: Not me!
Rosie: Exactly.
Staceygrace: I win! Ha ha!
Rosie: Actually, I-

Mail Deliverer: Hi. I have an express package for… Miss Rosie? Does she live here?
Rosie: Uh, Yep that’s me.
Mail Deliverer: If you could just sign here for it, it’s yours.

Rosie: Where is the package?
Mail Deliverer: It’s back at the mail truck. I’ll get it in a minute once you sign.

Mail Deliverer: Thank you, I’ll go get it.
Staceygrace: Were you expecting a package?
Rosie: Not that I remember. But I might have ordered a sundress I saw online. I don’t remember if I bought it or not. It was really cute.
Staceygrace: Rosie, I don’t think that’s a sundress.

Staceygrace: Unless you accidentally ordered 100 of them!
Rosie: Uh, thanks.
Mail Deliverer: No problem. As long as next time it’s not so heavy.
Rosie: Bye.

Staceygrace: Open it! I want to see what it is! Wait, are those scratches?
Rosie: Maybe they just had a hard time fitting it in the truck.
Staceygrace: Well, it is pretty big. Open it please!
Rosie: Fine.

Rosie: Did you hear that?
Staceygrace: What if someone sent you a snake!
Rosie: Why would someone send me a snake? A snake would have to be pretty big to take up a giant package like this. And that would be such a waste on postage.

Staceygrace: Okay, what else hisses like that?
Rosie: I don’t know, but I’m going to open it.
Staceygrace: Wait! What if it’s an anaconda or a python and it bites you?!
Rosie: Well, I don’t know what an anaconda is, but a pythons only bite you once they have squeezed you to death.
Staceygrace: What if it squeezes you?

Staceygrace: No don’t!

Cat: Purrrrr….
Rosie: Ha ha! It’s a cat!
Staceygrace: Well, they are very similar.
Rosie: How is a cat and a snake similar?

Staceygrace: Apparently they both hiss and umm, they uh…  Are both animals!
Rosie: Very similar. I thought you were the animal lover.
Staceygrace: I am! I mean… fine. You win. But why would you get a cat in the mail?
Rosie: I don’t know.
Staceygrace: Look! A letter! What does it say?

“Dear Rosie,
I heard you wanted a pet cat, so I got you one! If you want to keep her just fill out the adoption certificate.
Love, A Friend”

Staceygrace: So it doesn’t say who it’s from?
Rosie: No.
Staceygrace: Who do you think sent it?
Rosie: I have no idea!

Staceygrace: Well, maybe they want it to be a secret.
Rosie: Whoever sent me this was really nice to get me the cat. I wonder if they  had to pay for it.

Staceygrace: Let’s fill out the adoption form before you forget.
Rosie: Oh yeah! I already forgot! Duh.

Staceygrace: What’s the cat’s name?
Rosie: I don’t know the cat’s name!
Staceygrace: You have to name her!

Rosie: Oh. Well, what would you name her?
Staceygrace: Nice try. She’s your cat. You have to name her.

Rosie: Okay, how about Kisses?
Staceygrace: Why Kisses?
Rosie: Because she keeps kitty-kissing me.
Staceygrace: You mean lick?

Rosie: Maybe.

Staceygrace: *Sigh* Alright, Kisses it is. Sign it and it’s official.
Rosie: Okay.

Staceygrace: Ahh!
Rosie: Cat attack!

Welcome to the family, Kisses!

How did your dolls name their pets? Tell us in the comments below!

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